Financial Aid

La Salle High School has a long tradition of working with families to help them achieve their dream of providing a Lasallian Catholic education for their sons. Each year La Salle sets aside funds to assist families with this Catholic education in the form of tuition assistance. Below is a list of the variety of types of financial aid we offer our families.

The Archdiocesan of Cincinnati system of schools uses FACTS as the new financial aid processing company. To apply for financial aid, please click HERE and you will be sent to the La Salle application for FACTS processing. Our FACTS school code is: 32778.

Types of Financial Assistance

De La Salle Service Scholarships

A De La Salle Service Scholarship can be awarded to a student on the basis of his academics, leadership, involvement, community service, and character at his school and Parish. Each De La Salle scholarship can be renewed annually provided the student maintains certain achievement levels in specific criteria. His performance will be reviewed after the fourth quarter of each academic year.

Academic Scholarships

High School Placement Test

Academic scholarships are awarded to the top scoring students on the placement test. Each academic scholarship is renewable annually provided the student maintains certain achievement levels in specific criteria. His performance will be reviewed after the fourth quarter of each academic year.

Lasallian Scholars Institute

Students who are accepted into the Lasallian Scholars Institute will receive a four year renewable scholarship as long as they complete the programs requirements in academics, co-curricular involvement, and service set forth by the institutes director. While admission into the Lasallian Scholars Institute is not only based on academics, it does play a major role in acceptance.

Alumni Legacy Grant

The Alumni Legacy Grant is given to La Salle students whose father or step-father is a La Salle alumnus. Grandfather, uncle, cousin, and brother relationship are not considered for this award. This award is based on the applicant's Application for Admission information and confirmation by the Alumni Office.

Family Named Scholarships

Alumni and friends of La Salle have established many family scholarships to help families afford a Lasallian education. The scholarship application and requirements are established by each family. The Advancement Office works with our donors and the Guidance Office on the selection of the scholarship recipients.

Ohio Department of Education

La Salle accepts the Ohio Department of Education EdChoice Scholarship.

Financial Aid Grants

A financial aid award or Lasallian Education Grant may be awarded to any student whose parents have a significant financial need as determined through the FACTS application process. Grants are renewed yearly provided the student maintains certain achievement levels in specific criteria. His performance will be reviewed after the fourth quarter of each academic year.

The deadline to apply for financial aid through FACTS for prospective families is December 9, 2016 and for returning families March 1, 2017. Click here to access La Salle's FACTs application. La Salle High School's school code for FACTs is 32778.

Bless Our Children

BOC is a non- profit organization that is here to help parents of private high school students enhance the education of their sons. Members of Bless Our Children work as volunteers for this purpose.

Once you are a member of Bless Our Children you can work any of these venues: US Bank Arena, Paul Brown Stadium, Duke Energy Convention Center, and Great American Ballpark. Training is required and we will provide you with the information that is necessary.

This is only a very basic overview of the Bless Our Children program. If you did not find the answer to your questions or would simply like more information email me at I will send you the detailed Volunteer Information Packet along with the Application as well as try to answer your questions to the best of my ability.


How are funds allocated?

How are funds allocated?

BOC is paid per event, for each concession and portable manned by the group. The money is then allocated to the school of your choice along with a statement showing who worked the events and how much each of them has earned. The money will then be put into your son’s tuition account. There is a minimum that each concession stand should make. If more than the minimum is made, the stand goes into commission and each member will receive a share of the commission earned for that event.

  • The USB event minimum is usually $35.00. The average earned is $40.00
  • The GABP minimum is $65.00, the average $75.00 - $80.00
  • Any tips made by the stand will be pooled and divided by the total number of people who have worked that event

Are there any out of pocket expenses?

Are there any out of pocket expenses?

All fees will be taken out of your first earnings – there is no out of pocket for these fees.Dues – for the first year the dues are $25.00 per person which covers your required hats and administrative costs (insurance, Ohio Attorney General Fees and general clerical costs). The fees for the following years would be $10.00. If you need new heard gear then you will pay for that separately. Parking for all events will be your responsibility – there is no reserved parking for BOC volunteers.

What does the group do to raise money?

What does the group do to raise money?

BOC works concessions areas at four locations to raise money, the US Bank Arena (USB), Paul Brown Stadium (PBS), Great American Ball Park (GABP) and Duke Energy Convention Center (DECC)

Who can work for BOC on my son’s behalf?

Who can work for BOC on my son’s behalf?

Anyone can be a “Sponsor”. A sponsor is the person or people who will be working on behalf of your son. You may have as many sponsors as you like (parents, aunts, uncles, older siblings, friends etc). Each venue does have a minimum age but once your son reaches this age he may also work on his own behalf: USB/PBS – minimum age is 18 and anyone 19 or old must attend the training GABP – minimum age is 16 and everyone must attend training DECC – minimum age depends on the area and type of work

How much of a time commitment are we talking about?

How much of a time commitment are we talking about?

The time commitment is purely up to you, you work only the events you choose. You may choose to work every event possible or only a few it all depends on your personal schedule. The training for each venue only involves one class but each venue will offer many chances so hopefully one will fit into your schedule and PBS and USB use the same training so one class will cover both.

Applying for Financial Assistance

Families that received financial assistance for the current academic year do not need to reapply for financial aid. The current financial aid offer will be continued for the upcoming year contingent upon a Student Success Review*. If a family has experienced substantial changes, a new FACTS application can be submitted for a financial aid review by the Financial Aid Review Committee.

The application must be submitted with proper documentation no later than March 1 and utilize current tax year information. The Financial Aid Review Committee will start reviewing information starting mid March and continue during April. During this time we review and assist families with financial aid requests and finalize our budget for the coming school year. Substantial changes to a personal situation that may be defined as (but not limited to):

  1. Death of a parent or guardian
  2. Loss of a job for more than 6 months
  3. Medical expenses due to unforeseen illness or medical condition

FACTS has a part on the application to explain your financial situation. Please utilize this part as part of the application. The Financial Aid Review Committee may ask for additional documentation which may include, but not be limited to:

  1. Revised W2 and related tax filings
  2. Documentation of job loss and subsequent attempts to gain meaningful employment
  3. Copies of medical expenses

This information should be submitted in writing to the Financial Aid Review Committee.

The Financial Aid Review Committee will contact families regarding their financial aid request after receipt of their FACTS information and review of their individual situation. If you have any questions about the process, please contact the committee by clicking here.

* When a family accepts their financial aid offer, the student accepts the Student Success requirements to continue their financial aid. Student Success reviews occurs in the 3rd and 4th quarter of each year. The review includes academic success, conduct success, extra-curricular involvement, and service hour fulfillment. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in a reduction or forfeiture of your financial aid offer for the following year.