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Companies Require Drug Testing.

 "Our commitment to our students is unprecedented.  All adolescent students everywhere, including each of our Lancers, are confronted with ongoing societal temptations to start down the dangerous road of drug use.  At La Salle, we mutually believe in setting the preeminent standards for our Lancers and school.  And as one more example of that determination, we take a bold new step with the much-anticipated official launch of our drug prevention and intervention program. La Salle High School is committed to a drug-free environment for our Lancers, to the prevention of the use of drugs, and to immediate intervention for any student who has begun to use drugs."

Tom Luebbe '73

“We are pleased to partner with La Salle High School to assist them with building out their comprehensive substance abuse prevention and intervention program because we know no single strategy alone is effective,” said Mary Haag, president and CEO of the Coalition for a Drug-Free Greater Cincinnati. Founded in 1996, the organization promotes drug-free environments for youth by enhancing partnerships to educate, advocate and support local-based community mobilization.

“No community, school, or person is immune to substance abuse. But being proactive, starting early and providing consistent doses of prevention leads to fewer problem behaviors,” Haag said. “In fact, setting clear boundaries and expectations is the developmental asset most strongly related to lower levels of alcohol, tobacco and other drug use in young people.”

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