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Religion: The purpose of the Religion Department at La Salle High School is to create a climate in the school in which each student can better recognize the presence of God in his life. The challenge of every religion teacher is to help the student find, understand and live the Gospel message of Jesus Christ in his life.

Religion: Scriptures (Year-long course)

Old Testament Survey — This course introduces the roots of our Christian faith as they are found in the ancient Hebrew Scriptures. The Old Testament tells the story of Jesus' people and the religious traditions he loved and practiced. This course reminds the student our adventures with God are mirrored in the story of ancient Israel. This course presents the Hebrew Scriptures as inspired revelation and as a source for finding the presence of God. (First Semester)

New Testament Survey — This course takes an in-depth look at how the books of the New Testament were written, for whom they were written, the message for the people of the time, and how the message is relevant to our lives today. Emphasis will be placed on the fact the New Testament is not a separate book from the Old Testament, but a compliment to and fulfillment of the Old Testament. (Second Semester) One Credit

Religion: Church History and Morality (Year-long course)

Church History — The first half of this course deals with the rise of the Catholic Christian Church from the time of the Pentecost event to the Renaissance. Great emphasis will be placed on the early and medieval Church. During these periods, many people and events influenced the rise and spread of the Church. How did the Church respond to the "signs of the time?" This part of the course will conclude with a detailed study of the Renaissance Church, the Reformation and the Council of Trent. The second half of the course will begin with the period of triumphalism following Trent, and trace the development of the modern Church through the French Revolution; the issues of the liberalism, materialism, socialism, and modernism; and Vatican Council I in the last century. It will then trace development of the issues, which led to Vatican II, and the contemporary Church. (First Semester)

Morality — The purpose of the first half of this course is to treat the fundamentals of morality and personal moral topics and problems. Accordingly, this course presents the general principles which form the foundation necessary for intelligent moral decision-making as well as central concepts such as law, conscience, and the psychology of personal growth. The student is led to relate these principles and concepts to his own life especially in the areas of personal integrity, honesty, and sexuality. The purpose of the second part of this course is to increase the student's awareness of any sensitivity to the critical issues of peace and social justice. Topics covered include treatment of prisoners, cared of the aged, capital punishment, and bioethical issues such as abortion, euthanasia, population, drug abuse, genetic engineering, and behavior control. (Second Semester) One Credit

Religion: Catholic Social Teaching/Service Learning (Year-long course)

The senior level Catholic Social Teaching/Service Learning class is a culminating experience. This course affords senior students the opportunity to study and live the challenging quality of Jesus Christ’s message to do good and avoid evil. The perspective will be Christian, the context is based within Roman Catholic theology, and the approach will be threefold: experiential, academic and personally reflective. As a result, students will be better equipped to examine their life experiences, study and discuss theological content, all while offering community service at a local social service agency. And so, students will be expected to make connections between their life experiences, theological studies and community service work in hopes of understanding the interconnectedness of life and one’s rights and duties as the result of that interconnectivity. One Credit

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