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Contact information for all Administration, Faculty, and Staff

Attendance Line 513.741.2662

Spirit Shop 513.741.2345

Albrinck, Mike
Email: Phone: 513.741.2317
Ausere, Aurelio
 Phone: 513.741.2337
Baker, Jennifer 
Email: Phone: 513.741.2381
Barlag, Ken 
Director of Advancement
Email: Phone: 513.741.2388
Bensman, Andy 
Assistant Principal
Email: Phone: 513.741.2338
Bevak, Father Jon-Paul
Chaplain, Religion  Phone: 513.741.2343
Bischoff, Julie
Main Office Administrative Assistant
Email: Phone: 513.741.2663
Blamer, Irene 
Advancement Administrative Assistant
Email: Phone: 513.741.2389
Bosse, John 
Email: Phone: 513.741.2368
Brashear, Austin 
Hardware Technician
Email: Phone: 513.741.2394
Burwinkel, Bob 
Facilities Manager
Email: Phone: 513.741.2353
Butler, Ray 
Social Studies
Email: Phone: 513.741.2360
Carroll, Evan 
Email: Phone: 513.741.2688
Carroll, Tom 
Learning Disability Tutor
Email: Phone: 513.741.2328
Claypool, Lisa
Intervention Specialist
Email:   Phone: 513.741.2363
Clifton, Mike 
Associate Director of Admissions, Student Success Coordinator
Email: Phone: 513.741.2331
Cohen, Barrett
Director of Alumni Relations,
WLSN General Manager
Phone: 513.741.2674
Craft, Jess 
Reading, Social Studies, Special Education
Email: Phone: 513.741.2318
Dabbelt, Tammy 
Food Service
Email: Phone: 513.741.2675
Dalton, Steve 
Computers, Director of Signum Fidei
Email: Phone: 513.741.2301
Denney, Ryan 
Social Studies, Lasallian Animator
Email: Phone: 513.741.2332
Deren, Vanessa 
Email: Phone: 513.741.2327
Dickerson, Kristen
Guidance Counselor
Email:   Phone: 513.741.2672
Dierkers, Matt 
Associate Director of Advancement
Email: Phone: 513.741.2383
Doerger, Tom 
Director of Guidance
Email: Phone: 513.741.2682
Donoghue, Nannette 
Main Office Administrative Assistant
Email: Phone: 513.741.2352
Dooros, Chris  
Phone: 513.741.2689
Dooros, Gus 
Business & Computers, Phys Ed.
Email: Phone: 513.741.2392
Eichhold, Diane 
Principal's Administrative Assistant
Email: Phone: 513.741.2342
Fessler, Kathy 
Food Service Manager
Email: Phone: 513.741.2675
Fischer, Brian 
Instrumental Music, Band
Fine Arts Department Chair
Email: Phone: 513.741.2673
Flaherty, Mike 
Religion Department Chair
Email: Phone: 513.741.2303
Fleming, Dan 
Physical Education and Health
Physical Education/Health Department Chair
Email: Phone: 513.741.2358
Flynn, Dan 
Athletic Director
Email: Phone: 513.741.2386
Frieman, Lauren 
Social Studies
Email: Phone: 513.741.2310
Geoppinger, Susan 

Phone: 513.741.2302
Grawe, Doug 
Science, Broadcasting, AV Manager
Email: Phone: 513.741.2304
Grippa, Tom 
Physical Education
Email: Phone: 513.741.2397
Haber, Tom 
Business Manager
Email: Phone: 513.741.2370
Hampel, Aaron 
Religion, Christian Service Coordinator
Email: Phone: 513.741.2361
Hartke, Christy
 Email: Phone: 513.741.2284 
Hautman, Steve 
Email: Phone: 513.741.2375
Heidorn, Brian 
Computers, Help Desk Manager
Email: Phone: 513.741.2394
Holman, Mike 
English, Director of Lasallian Scholars Institute, Yearbook
English Department Chair
Email: Phone: 513.741.2339
Jacob, David 
English, Latin
Email: Phone: 513.741.2377
Johnston, Maureen
Guidance--Testing Coordinator
Email: Phone: 513.741.2364
Jones, Terry 
Business, Computers
Email: Phone: 513.741.2330
Kalkhoff, Mia 
Athletic Administrative Assistant
Email: Phone: 513.741.2387
Kampschmidt, Kevin 
Email: Phone: 513.741.2311
Kinney, Karen 
Athletic Administrative Assistant
Email: Phone: 513.741.2387
Knueven, Mike 
Email: Phone: 513.741.2671
Lienhart, Mike 
Email:  Phone: 513.741.2683
London, Hal
Business Office
Email: Phone: 513.741.2371
Luebbe, Tom 
Email: Phone: 513.741.2685
Miller, Julie 
Email: Phone: 513.741.2335
Monahan, Dan 
Email: Phone: 513.741.2325
Moore, Nate 
Intervention Specialist, Physical Education
Phone: 513.741.2350 
Moroney, Kathy 
Email: Phone: 513.741.2306
Muenchen, Joe 
Mathematics, Special Education
Special Education Deparment Chair
Email: Phone: 513.741.2319
Papke, Stacy 
Mathematics Department Chair
Email: Phone: 513.741.2664
Pucci, Jake 
Director of Admissions
Email: Phone: 513.741.2365
Reichle, Phil 
Email: Phone: 513.741.2324
Roddy, Terrance
Guided Resource, Strength Coach
Roenker, Donna 
Food Service
Email: Phone: 513.741.2675
Rotuno-Johnson, Rosemary
Intervention Specialist
Email: Phone: 513.741.2305
Royer, Jeff 
English, French
Foreign Language Department Chair
Email: Phone: 513.741.2315
Ruberg, Don
Executive Director
Email: Phone: 513.741.2334
Russo, Frank 
Associate Athletic Director

Phone: 513.741.2678
Russo, Yvonne 
Guidance Administrative Assistant
Email: Phone: 513.741.2366
Ryan, Kevin 
English, Latin
Email: Phone: 513.741.2312
Sabers, Steve
Spirit Shop
Phone: 513.741.2345
Saho, Connie 
English, Drama
Email: Phone: 513.741.2669
Schulten, Steve 
Social Studies
Social Studies Department Chair
Email: Phone: 513.741.2326
Schwartz, Pam 
Food Service
Email: Phone: 513.741.2675
Smith, Joel
Email:  Phone: 513.741.2308
Smith, Liz 
Food Service
Email: Phone: 513.741.2675
Specker, Becky 
Business Office
Email: Phone: 513.741.2346
Starkey, Zach
Signum Fidei Assistant

Phone: 513.741.2301
Stewart, Mike 
Social Studies
Email: Phone: 513.741.2307
Strole, Ron 
Email: Phone: 513.741.2380
Strunk, Lori
School Psychologist
Email: Phone: 513.741.2367
Tankersley, Greg
Director of Community Development
Email: Phone: 513.741.2359
Tankersley, Lori
Auction Coordinator
Email: Phone: 513.741.2385
Tillett, Scottie
Food Service, Special Assistant
Turner, Julie 
Speech & Language Pathologist
Email: Phone: 513.741.2316
Volk, Dave 
Technology Director
Computer Science/Business Department Chair
Email: Phone: 513.741.2391
Webb, Cindy 
Vocal Music, Spanish
Email: Phone: 513.741.2373
Weierman, Jeff 
Student Success
Email:  Phone: 513.741.2396
Wells, Chrystel 
Science Department Chair
Email: Phone: 513.741.2323
Wiesman, Lea 
Advancement Administrative Assistant
Email: Phone: 513.741.2389
Winiarski, Chris 
Religion, Director of Campus Ministry
Email: Phone: 513.741.2321
Winterhalter, Vicki 
Food Service
Email: Phone: 513.741.2675
Ziegler, Geoff
Email: Phone: 513.741.2322

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