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Sons of La Salle - By Stephen Calardo '74

The following was read by Steve Calardo '74 at the De La Salle Society Dinner on Wednesday, October 19, 2011 at Clovernook Country Club.  Steve and his wife, Martha, were inducted into the De La Salle Society in 2011 for their generous contributions to La Salle - time, talents and treasures.  Thank you Steve for this marvelous reflection of La Salle!

Sons of La Salle

Written by Stephen Calardo '74

For some, a high school education means a diploma...a piece of paper certifying accomplishment. But for the Sons of La Salle, education is a mosaic of experiences incapable of capture in a single document.

It is connecting with a caring, enthusiastic  teacher in an academic subject that becomes your life's passion.

It is learning in an educational environment that is true to life, with students of diverse backgrounds, abilities, economic means and academic aptitudes, all of whom have so much to offer.

It is knowing that you have committed, caring teachers, coaches, a principal and administrators who arrive before the sun has risen, and depart long after it has set.

It is becoming the best version of yourself in body, mind and spirit.

For some, high school is about getting through each day's last class. But for the Sons of La Salle, some of the lasting lessons of life come after class...

When you volunteer to tutor a fellow student who needs your help.

When you burst onto the football field under Friday night lights to the roar of the fans...your La Salle fans.

When you collapse with exhausted satisfaction after you have given it your all on the field, the court, the track, the mat or in the weight room.

When you take a bow on stage to the deafening applause of your audience.

When you erupt onto the court when "your team" wins the state championship.

When you embrace your parents on the field or on the court one last time on Senior night.

When you awaken to the power of your humanity and spirituality on Kairos retreat, and learn to share with your family, friends and community the love that was always there.   

For some, charitable service is a polite discussion inside a classroom. But for the Sons of La Salle, there is room outside of class ...

For teaching English to poverty-stricken children in the jungles of Honduras.

For repairing a dilapidated home in the backwoods of Harlan, Kentucky.

For lending helping hands to those devastated by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

For filling truck after truck, year after year, with food and love for the hungry.

For living a life of charitable service, as modeled in the Signum Fidei Program.

For some, a high school is a building in a community. But for the Sons of La Salle, we are builders of our community...

Where we rally 'round the families of a teacher's ill daughter  or a student's cancer-stricken brother.

Where we comfort  those in our family who have suffered the loss of a loved one.

Where we honor and support the Sons of La Salle who volunteer to serve in defense of our country.

Where we realize that a leader is really a servant.

Where we grow closer to God, our families, friends and community by living our Catholic faith.

We who stick together the pieces of this mosaic of education --the parents, teachers, coaches, administrators and benefactors of La Salle--all travel on this inspirational path with the Sons of La Salle...and we are all better for that journey.