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Regarding Testing on Tuesday On this upcoming Tuesday, that’s 2 school days from now……… Juniors, Sophomores, Frosh – taking standardized tests (ASVAB, PLAN (pre-ACT), EXPLORE (pre-PLAN)), 8-11. It is critical that you must not be tardy on Tuesday. You cannot be admitted to a standardized testing room once the test has started. If you come late, you will sit in Mr. Bensman’s world until 11 o’clock. After 11:00, juniors, sophomores, and frosh, you will have a special schedule of your 4 normal “A” day classes for the rest of the day – each will meet for about 45 minutes or so. You will need no books, calculators or tablets for the test – nothing except each of you is asked to bring a couple of #2 pencils for your use during the test. Meanwhile, Seniors – Tuesday for you will be mostly a normal “A” day of classes with a few minor changes due to the testing ------ Many senior block A1 and A2 classes will meet in different classrooms than normal and a handful of the start and end times of the class blocks will be adjusted by a couple of minutes to align with the testing times. The largest change for you is --- if you are a senior who normally does not have an A4 class, be advised that your A3 class will end at 1:08. All seniors, you will have a lunch time here at school from 11:20 to 11:50…so plan that you will be eating lunch here on that day. To all students --- Today is the final “A” day before Tuesday. It is critical that you find out find each of your teachers today where and when your “A” day classes will meet on Tuesday. Please jot this down on your tablet or in your planner so you have the information available for Tuesday. On Tuesday, when you arrive, you will report to your normal A1 classroom and after prayer & announcements, we will move to new rooms for testing and classes. Finally, be advised of the plan in case weather conditions necessitate something different other than a normal length of a school day on next Tuesday. If inclement weather is so bad that we must cancel school on Tuesday, all of the standardized tests will be postponed and rescheduled on a future “A” day, a date yet to be determined. Also, if weather conditions force a school delay on Tuesday, again, the test will be postponed and rescheduled to a future “A” day…and in that case, Tuesday will become a regular run of normal “A” day classes and we will follow the 2-hour delay schedule. Again, all of these last comments are “what-ifs” – at this point, weather forecasts are not predicting anything that would interfere with normal school on Tuesday, but it’s prudent to have a strategy in place, just in case. AM
Law Club / Mock Trial Mr. Ryan wants to remind all witnesses and lawyers that the Mock Trial Team will hold a practice trial TODAY after school in Room 201. Please plan to attend. AM
Summons Devejuan Brown-Norris please see Mrs. Donoghue in the main office after announcements. AM
Service opportunity Attention students in need of Christian Service Hours. There is a local elderly women who is in need of some light yard work done. If you are interested in earning some RED Christian Service Hours, please see Mr. Hampel. AM
NHS All NHS members and candidates are reminded that their log sheets will be due with a copy of their report card the week of January 23. AM
Bluegrass-Buckeye Our basketball team will play Christian County, last year’s Kentucky state champion, in the 10th annual Bluegrass-Buckeye Charity Classic at 7:30 p.m. this Saturday at Oak Hills High School. Tickets at the door will be $4 for students and $7 for adults with all proceeds going to local charities. AM
Basketball Tickets Tickets for Friday night's basketball game at Carroll are now on sale in the Athletic Office. AM
ANNOUNCEMENTS Thursday, January 12, 2012 AM