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Student Summons Thomas Cowie: Please see Mrs. Moroney before leaving school today. AM
Tomorrow's Schedule Because of tomorrow's Parent Teacher Conferences, we will follow a Faculty Meeting Schedule with dismissal at 2:18. AM
Camera Club There will be a brief meeting of the Camera Club after school today. AM
Paintball Club The Paintball Club will be holding a meeting immediately after school this afternoon in room 207. AM
Today's Schedule Because of today's Thanksgiving Prayer Service, we will follow a special schedule. AM
Key Club Youth Sports Key Club members serving at Rost Elementary for Youth Sports are reminded that they are to arrive by 6:00 P.M. and sign in and out with Andy Bachus. AM
NHS Senior Members All NHS Senior Members are to meet with Mr. Reichle tomorrow morning in room 304 at 7:20. We will be discussing the Giving Tree Program. Please be on time and DON'T FORGET. AM
Key Club Winter Accessories Collection The Key Club members are reminded that we are collecting Winter Accessories for the needy up through December 13. Please check the November meeting minutes for the types of items we are collecting. Over the Thanksgiving break, be certain to ask your relatives and friends for donations. Any questions? See Mrs. Moroney. AM
student summons The following students need to see Mrs. Moroney by the end of the school day: Eric Thiemann and Andy Kah. AM
Ping Pong Club The Ping Pong Club will be meeting after school today in the cafeteria at 3:00. AM
Students to the Athletic Office The following students should see Mrs. Kinney in the Athletic Office at this time: Alex Hausfeld and Alex Merk. AM
NHS All NHS members and candidates are asked to stop by Mr. Reichle's classroom sometime today and pick up a letter dealing with our upcoming Giving Tree Program. Please don't forget. AM
Pro Football Lottery Gift Certificates Any football player who sold their allotted amount of Pro Football Lottery Tickets which makes them eligible for a Chipotle or Skyline gift card should stop by the Athletic Office sometime today or tomorrow to pick it up. AM
Student Summons Joshua Streicher and Matt Brandt: Please see Mrs. Moroney before leaving school today. AM
ANNOUNCEMENTS Monday, November 21, 2011  
Paintball Club Paintball Club members - Reminder that there will be a meeting immediately after school today in room 207. PM