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NHS Lancer Tutors Tyler Quattrone, Anthony Lacey, Vinnie Camarca, Evan Ginn, Will Imhoff, Michael Creutzinger, Tony Wuestefeld, Sam Fronk and Devaughn Simmons please report to room 205. Thank you. AM
Key Club Officers The Key Club officers are reminded that we have our officers' meeting tomorrow, Thursday, October 13, at 7:00 A.M. Please be prompt. AM
Today's Schedule Today, we will follow a Normal Daily Schedule. AM
NHS Inductees Nine NHS inductees failed to stop by Mr. Reichle's room last week. You are asked to do so today if you still wish to be inducted on November 8th. Please don't forget. AM
Key Club Officers The Key Club officers are reminded that they have a meeting tomorrow morning at 7:00 in room 203. Please be prompt. AM
Key Club Camp S'More The Key Club members volunteering at Camp S'More are reminded that they are required to meet tomorrow morning at 7:15 in room 203. AM
College Visit Ohio University will be visiting La Salle on Thursday. If interested, sign up in Guidance. AM
Paintball Club The Paintball Club will have a short meeting today immediately after school in room 207. AM
Student Summons Would Alex Merk and David Crawford please see Mr. Kampschmidt at this time. AM
Creative Writing Club There will be a Creative Writing Club meeting in room 204 after school on Thursday, October 13. All are welcome. AM
NHS Inductees Mr. Reichle is still waiting to meet with NHS Inductees who keep failing to show up. He's beginning to wonder if he should take your name off his list? He needs to know how many people will be attending the ceremony. Are your parents going to be there? Your grandparents? Brothers or sisters? Please let him know by THURSDAY. AM
Red Service Hours Hey, you want to earn some RED SERVICE HOURS and have a GREAT time doing so? If you're planning on being at the football game Saturday, you're as good as in. Would you like to video some of the game and festivities? See Mr. Reichle for more details. AM
Mr. Reichle's A2 Juniors All juniors in Mr. Reichle's A2 class MUST see him today before leaving school to pick up a study guide. AM
Football Tickets Tickets for Saturday afternoon's football game against Brother Rice are now on sale in the Athletic Office. AM
Law Club / Mock Trial Mr. Ryan would like to remind students that the Law Club will meet tomorrow after school in Room 201. If you are interested in participating on the Mock Trial Team, please attend. AM
Announcements October 12, 2011 AM
Paintball Club The Paintball Club will meet immediately after school today in room 207 for a short review of our appeal process. PM