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Mr. Jacob's A3 Class Mr. Jacob's A3 class should be aware that the quiz over the Scarlet Letter also includes the background information from class, and you should start reading on pg. 45 AM
Homecoming Dance Homecoming Dance tickets will be on sale from 7am-7:40am Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday in room 306. The cost is $35. AM
Walk This year we are walking for 6 new refrigerated water fountains for the hallways, Scholarships for current La Salle students based on how well they live up to the 5 Lasallian pillars, and community service scholarships that will help fund some of the senior service initiatives in 2013. The incentives for the walk are: Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors that bring in $80 to room 306 will get a free Homecoming Dance ticket and dress down until the day of the walk. Freshman that bring in $60 or more will get a Signum Fidei T-Shirt and get to dress down up to the day of the walk. Any student to bring in $50 gets to dress down up until the day of the walk. Any Student that brings in a total of $100 will get a bus ride back to school from the lunch station (you only have to walk half the walk). Any Homeroom that has a per man average of $60 will get a free lunch the day of the walk. Please note that dismissal the day of the walk will be based on the per man average of each homeroom. AM
Student Summons The following students, please report to room 111 Adam Franklin, Alex Birkenhauer, Andrew Duong, Austin Burck, Austin Franklin, Ben Jesse, Ben Keller, Bertram Dole, Brandon Farr, Chandler Blackmond, Darius Heis, Devin Gallivan, Donte Buycks, George Abass, Ben Jones, Luke Duncan, Michael Benoit, Nick Kortekamp, Ralph Edison, Shaolin Beasley, T. Devin Barnes, Teonta Irby, Tyrin Hutchings, please report to room 111 AM
Student Summons The following students please report to room 207 Kevin Kromme, Alec Lane, Robert Lipps, Christopher Long, Jacob Ludwig, Jonathon Luecke, Lance Marx, Adam McBee, Zachary McKinley, Brandon McLean, John McNally, Benjamin Merk, Brian Metzner, Benjamin Millard, Dion Moore, Robert Muench, Joseph O'Hara, Jacob Ottaway, Ramon Robinson, Jake Schuster, Joey Shields, Patrick Sjolin, Isaiah Spikes, Jacob Tuchfarber, Chad Valentino, Maurice Warren, Joseph Wenning, Daniel Wetterich, Jamya Williams, Donshon Wilson, Joseph Winburn, Blake Zanders, please report to room 207 at this time AM
Handbook Change Regarding Student Photo ID Each student must wear his student photo ID on a lanyard from the moment he walks in the door until the end of the school day. The ID must be viewable outside of his clothing at all times (in a particular classroom, the teacher at her/his discretion may have students remove their IDs during that class session based on the classroom activity). The lanyard must be the one issued with the photo ID or one that is purchased in the Spirit Shop. The photo ID and lanyard are to be worn around the student’s neck and cannot be altered in any manner. Any student who is not wearing his photo ID will be sent to the main office. If a student loses his photo ID, a new one may be purchased in the main office for a $1 fee. AM
Summons Mark Rainey please report to the main office at this time. AM
Student Summons Josh Streicher and Clayton Cardinal, please see Mr. Jacob in room 202 at this time. AM
Key Club Camp S'More We are still in need of four Key Club members who can serve at Camp S'More in October. See Mrs. Moroney this week if you are able to volunteer. AM
Tomorrow's Schedule Tomorrow, we will follow a Faculty Meeting Schedule with dismissal at 2:18. AM
ANNOUNCEMENTS Tuesday, September 20, 2011 AM