Student Support Services

La Salle High School successfully serves students with disabilities through the process of careful course selection and support services. Course selection adheres to state and diocesan standards with curriculum presented at four academic levels: Honors, Advanced College Prep (ACP), College Prep 1 (CP1), and College Prep 2 (CP2). There are students with disabilities at every level, from CP2 through Honors.

Students in the CP2 level of classes usually have smaller class sizes, and they also have a team of teachers in their core courses (English, math, science, and social studies) who meet regularly to discuss specific students and their learning needs. These teachers also address creative teaching strategies, reinforce learning concepts, and collaborate on student projects. These meetings often involve the counselors and the school psychologist. The teachers share their successes and challenges so that the student will receive the benefits of their collective efforts.

Our primary goal for each student is to ensure a healthy self-esteem. We do this by creating an environment in which the student can both achieve success and learn valuable academic concepts at the same time.

Overview of Services

Special Education services are provided to students with a documented disability that require the services of a qualified special education service provider. An Evaluation Team Report (ETR) documenting eligibility for SLD (Specific Learning Disability), OHI (Other Health Impaired – ADHD, etc.), Autism, or Speech/Language and an IEP (Individualized Education Program) or ISP (Individualized Services Plan) should already be in place. Support services include:

  • Collaborative intervention services with students, teachers, counselors, and parents including effective instructional/learning strategies for students with learning differences
  • Testing accommodations - as noted in the student’s La Salle Building Accommodation Plan
  • Speech Language Services – designed to help meet the needs of students with diagnosed language, articulation, voice, and/or fluency disorders who need direct, indirect, or consultative speech/language services
  • Occupational Therapist or Audiologist services as written in the student’s IEP
  • Re-evaluations for current students who have already receive services and initial evaluations for students who are suspected of having a disability based upon student’s lack of response to intervention

The Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program (JPSN) and Autism Scholarship Program (AUT) through the Ohio Department of Education give the parents of children with disabilities the choice to send their child to special education programs other than the one operated by their school district of residence to receive the education and the services outlined in their individualized education program (IEP).

Archdiocesan policy prohibits writing of 504 accommodation plans (described by ADA). La Salle accommodation plans are written for academic, psychiatric, and physical disabilities if proper documentation is provided. The accommodation plan describes the students learning difficulties and stipulates what the classroom teachers will do to address these difficulties. La Salle accommodation plans and service plans allow for accommodations on the state mandated course proficiency tests and generally on ACT, SAT, AP tests pending approval.

Autism & Jon Peterson Scholarship Programs

La Salle High School is committed to providing a Catholic education in the Lasallian tradition to students with special needs. Thus, La Salle is both a State of Ohio approved Autism Scholarship provider and a Jon Peterson Scholarship provider.

Scholarships attained through these two programs allow parents to select La Salle for their son's high school education and their son, in turn, to receive special education services identified on the student's Individual Education Plan (IEP). La Salle and the parents use the IEP as the guide for determining the amount of special needs services. Current special services provided at La Salle include: intervention services, speech and language services, audiological services, and occupational therapy services.

La Salle has a tremendous track record of success providing an excellent education for students with special needs. However, La Salle cannot serve every student who has special needs. Applying students will be reviewed by a screening committee of educational professionals to ensure the student will be successful at La Salle.

For additional information about the Autism and Jon Peterson Scholarship programs, make initial contact with Lisa Claypool at

How to Apply for Student Support Services

Any student wishing to apply for Student Support Services must first complete the La Salle admissions process:

  • Take the High School Placement Test
  • Follow the registration process used by all students seeking admission.
    • In the application, click the box to indicate that your son is currently receiving services.
    • Provide current service provider’s (Intervention Specialist, case manager, speech pathologist, etc.) name, email, and phone number.

Submit the following items in hard copy or by email to the Admissions Office no later than the admissions deadline

  • A copy of your son’s most recent Evaluation Team Report (ETR) completed within the past three years
  • A copy of the student’s current IEP, ISP, or current accommodation/intervention plan with area of disability documented

Applications will be reviewed and an interview and/or observation may be necessary to complete the admissions process.

If you have questions, please contact Joe Muenchen, Student Support Services Department Chair at or 513-307-4250 or Lisa Claypool, Coordinator for Jon Peterson Special Needs and Autism Scholarships at or 513-741-2363.


Joe Muenchen

Student Support Services Chairperson

Tom Carroll
Intervention Specialist

Lisa Claypool

Coordinator for John Peterson Special Needs and Autism Scholarships,
Intervention Specialist

Brian Conti

Intervention Specialist

Jess Craft

Intervention Specialist

Jonathan Doerger '07

Intervention Specialist

Tom Doerger

Director of Guidance

Rosemary Rotuno-Johnson
Intervention Specialist

Lori Overbay

School Psychologist

Julie Turner
Speech/Language Pathologist


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